A Moment of Reflection

A Moment of Reflection

It is September 11th, the third anniversary of the tragedy that took place at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in a field in Pennsylvania.

I don’t know what is the best way to honor the memories of the fallen of 9/11.

If I had been among those lost, here is what I would want:

That we all be kind to one another. That we honor and respect each other’s spiritual beliefs. That we not discriminate based on religion or race. That we engage fully in life while we can. That we care for the earth. That we care for all our fellow creatures. That we take advantage of every opportunity for a healthy laugh. That we become conscious of our mortality, while being mindful of the strength and resiliency of our humanity.

If I had my way, they would turn the site of the World Trade Center into a beautiful park full of trees, shrubs, beautiful flowers, and shining bodies of water. There would be birds and fish and butterflies to replace the debris left by the falling planes.

Our hearts go out to all who were affected by this horrendous catastrophe – and that includes all of us, to some extent. Even people in other countries. I can’t imagine how it must feel to have lost a husband, a wife, a sister, a brother, a child, a parent – in this way.

Here is a “Prayer for Protection” I cut out of a Unity Magazine a couple of years ago. I have changed the pronouns from “me” to “us” to be more inclusive.

The light of God surrounds us;

The love of God enfolds us;

The power of God protects us;

The presence of God watches over us;

Wherever we are, God is.


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