Art and I got to Connecticut Friday night. We were lucky because the weather cooperated with us and our flight here was (mostly) okay. (The plane bucked over the Rockies like a bronco buster. You can imagine how happy that made me)! But we got a beautiful gift today. The sky got pregnant with little

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    HOME We all know what a house is. What is a home? I think in my lifetime I have moved about twenty times. Every time I moved I called the place I lived in “home”. Even when Art and I are staying at a hotel, we talk about “going home” at the end of the


    FAMILY When I was very young and stupid, and even when I was not-so-young and stupid, I thought nothing of pulling up stakes and moving to a strange city. I had the peculiar notion that I could simply uproot myself, transplant my life, and thrive anywhere I happened to land. What I have learned is