Remembering Delaney Bramlett — R.I.P.

Play clip from rehearsal tape. Here!

I was saddened to learn that Delaney Bramlett has just passed away. It immediately took me back to the early 70s. I had just recently moved to Los Angeles from Newport Beach when I got a call from Delaney to join a band he was forming. He was about to record an album for Columbia Records titled “Mobius Strip”. Of course I was thrilled and flattered. (I think this was just after I had been touring with Nancy Sinatra — ahh — the life of a working musician!).

Rehearsals were held at a funky rehearsal room on the east end of either Hollywood Blvd or Sunset Blvd., but I can still see that room today. The rest of the rhythm section included Ronnie Grayson on drums, Robert Wilson on bass, and Tim Hedding on B-3. Boy, what a rhythm section! Word was that they had been working with James Brown. I had worked with a lot of great players but these guys just kicked ass! Playing with Delaney and these guys was a dream come true for me. This was undoubtedly the best band I had ever been in up to then and to this day. I don’t remember much about recording the actual album, but I do remember those rehearsals!

After the album was recorded I hung out with Delaney for awhile, but unfortunately, he didn’t have much money or any gigs, and I was in need of steady work. I then got a call from Paul Williams. Paul was putting a band together and asked me to join. He did have gigs and steady work as he was gaining attention as a singer/songwriter. This also turned out to be a great band, just a different kind of music. Anyway, I took the gig with Paul and I don’t regret it, but boy, did I love working in Delaney’s band!

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