SOME THOUGHTS ON VOTING Two weeks until the election. I’ll bet you’re as tired as I am of hearing about it. I think maybe one of the reasons so many people fail to vote is that by the time the election rolls around, they’re convinced that they have already voted – over and over again.


    MALLED 2: SHOP TILL YOU DROP And so the shopping began. We started in handbags. My sister had been looking for a backpack type. There was a black one that she was considering. However, there were two black ones. One was a little fatter than the other. I suggested that she check to see how


    MALLED Yesterday, my sister Michele and I rendezvoused at the Beverly Center in order to buy birthday gifts for our other sister, Sherry, and our mom, who turns 77 today. This does not seem like an unreasonable or Herculean task. Rather, I imagined, it would be a pleasant two-hour diversion. A time for Michele and


    NATASHA You may not want to hear from me today. My head is muddled. I have so much on my mind that there is almost too much to write. Yesterday morning we lost our dear, sweet little Natasha. Our angel girl kitty. For anyone who has ever been through it, no words are necessary to


    SAYING GOODBYE It is our last day in Connecticut. Tomorrow it’s back to Los Angeles after a three-week sojourn in New England. Goodbyes are so hard, and even harder in autumn. Autumn is the time of year when we say goodbye to summer, to warm weather, to ice cream, to green, to bare feet, to

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    HOME We all know what a house is. What is a home? I think in my lifetime I have moved about twenty times. Every time I moved I called the place I lived in “home”. Even when Art and I are staying at a hotel, we talk about “going home” at the end of the


    GOD LAUGHS A couple of days ago we were at the hospital visiting my brother-in-law, who had undergone surgery two days before. He was having a tough time, as the surgery was extensive, and they had him on a lot of medications. We were there to give him moral support and comfort. I was sitting


    COUNTRY Art and I are in Connecticut visiting his family. We have been coming here together for about seventeen years. Every time we’re here, we are overwhelmed by the beauty of this place. Late September is, of course, an ideal time of year to visit. The leaves are magically beginning to turn – yellow, red,


    FAMILY When I was very young and stupid, and even when I was not-so-young and stupid, I thought nothing of pulling up stakes and moving to a strange city. I had the peculiar notion that I could simply uproot myself, transplant my life, and thrive anywhere I happened to land. What I have learned is


    LAX TO JFK Yesterday we flew from Los Angeles to New York. Have you flown lately? This was my first post-9/11 flight from a major airport. Usually Art and I like to fly out of Burbank (now renamed Bob Hope International). I keep wondering how it got to be international, because as far as I