ATONEMENT IN JANUARY In the Jewish faith, we have a Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur). It is celebrated in September some time. I always have a hard time scraping up enough sins in the early autumn to make for a meaningful experience. I think we ought to move Yom Kippur to January and make it


    HAPPY NEW YEAR! One last day for 2004. (Perhaps for some of you reading this, it is already 2005)! Here in Southern California, the Good Lord has chosen to force us into a day of contemplation. The rain is coming down fast and furious, and as you probably know by now, Angelinos do not travel


    BORCHING To borch (Yiddish origins) is to bitch. To bitch is to moan. To moan is to complain. But to complain is not the same as to borch. Borching is usually relentless, always vocal, and never intellectual. It has a visceral connotation. Its value is cathartic. A sure-fire guilt-inducer. Usually a source of irritation to