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    A few days ago a reporter asked John McCain an odd question. He asked, “Mr. McCain, how many homes do you own?”. It sounds like a very simple question. McCain stammered and replied, “I’ll have to have my staff get back to you on that”. Huh? How can anyone be confused about how many homes


    SUNSHINE We’ve been enduring five days of non-stop rain here in Southern California. Some communities were flooded. There was a huge landslide yesterday in a tiny town near the ocean just south of Santa Barbara. There were several fatalities and people are still missing in the rubble. A house not too far from us in


    HAPPY NEW YEAR! One last day for 2004. (Perhaps for some of you reading this, it is already 2005)! Here in Southern California, the Good Lord has chosen to force us into a day of contemplation. The rain is coming down fast and furious, and as you probably know by now, Angelinos do not travel


    OUR GLOBAL NEIGHBORHOOD We heard on the news last night that there has been a catastrophic earthquake in Sumatra, Indonesia, which has caused tsunamis – giant tidal waves – in many locations along the Indian Ocean. Thousands of people are known to have lost their lives, and perhaps tens of thousands or more have lost