It is one day past Thanksgiving. We have the traditional Day-After-Thanksgiving food hangover. Our refrigerator is now stocked with enough to provide a small Russian army for the rest of a long winter campaign. We are fat and sassy and not too ambitious. I’d very much like to hibernate for the rest of the weekend,

  • THEY SAY. . .

    THEY SAY. . Have you ever wondered who “they” are? You know – that invisible collection of experts out there who seem to have such a stranglehold on every aspect of our lives. Consider: They say . . .there’s gonna be rain this weekend. They say. . . you can never go home again. They


    JINGLE BELLS Well – Ho, ho, ho! It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I’m already doing my holiday shopping. I love the holidays. I actually enjoy the hustle-bustle, the anticipation, making a list and checking it twice, losing it, and making a new list and checking it twice. . .Forgetting the list when I go


    INTERVIEW WITH AN AGING STARLET – THE SUBTEXT INTERVIEWER, DALLAS ALICE, AGE 23: (WHAT YOU HEAR): Today we will be interviewing Janet Starletta, a legend of stage, screen and television. (TRANSLATION): Aren’t you curious about how much Janet Starletta has aged in the past ten years? We’re going to find out just how wrinkled and


    BORCHING To borch (Yiddish origins) is to bitch. To bitch is to moan. To moan is to complain. But to complain is not the same as to borch. Borching is usually relentless, always vocal, and never intellectual. It has a visceral connotation. Its value is cathartic. A sure-fire guilt-inducer. Usually a source of irritation to