“I Do” did not start its life as a wedding song.

Thought I would tell you a little about the songs on our new album, The View From Here. Wedding

We all know that most wedding songs – with the possible of exception of “Chapel Of Love” — one of my personal all-time favorites — are kind of solemn, slow, and serious. But I was thinking about when Art and I got married. We were both so happy! I was positively giddy and almost burst out laughing, just out of sheer joy.

Now, “I Do” did not start its life as a wedding song. I was just writing about all of the things that you give to someone in a relationship. Not just the good stuff, but all of the stuff that maybe you’d rather forget about, too. All of the stuff you hide on the first date — your voracious appetite, your secret desires, your natural hair color (unless you’re unfairly blessed!), your addiction to soap operas, your politically incorrect views, and the list goes on. So this was the intention of the song; to show that amazing level of intimacy when you drop all pretense and just trust this other person with your complete naked soul. But when I got to the phrase, “I Do”, it kind of hit me. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So that’s what this is about!” From there, the song wrote itself! We love it. (But then, we would! LOL).

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