The View From Here

Robin Munson - The View From HereThis album was written over the course of ten years. In that time I have lost both my parents and have had two bouts with cancer. In addition, I found out I have a paralyzed vocal cord. So in that time, there have been seismic shifts, not only in the way that my voice responds – which necessitates changes in the way that I write – but also in my views of life and the way I think about purpose and meaning. I have been given the rare and precious gift of time. This is my personal offering in gratitude to the Universe and to all of the wonderful souls who have infused my life with love.

Now that I am of a “certain age” I have stopped caring about many things that once seemed important, like squeezing my writing into a pigeonhole. So I have allowed myself to write anything and everything that comes to me. All of the stories and characters come from some part of me – my 15 year-old self, my (ahem!) current self, and everything in between.

This album is dedicated to the memory of my parents, Phil and Lizi. To my two oldest and dearest friends, my sisters, Michele and Sherry. You have both given me so much – Words fail. To my “sister by another mother”– Lucie, who has been such a dear friend and unfailing support. To our favorite nomads, Jim and Marylou. To Carole, my very dear, multi-talented friend of 30 years. To Betty Blair and J.P. And la Belle Renée in Tennessee. To all of the Munson clan, and especially to Marjorie Munson who has been an enormous inspiration – She and Ed gave Art wings and roots. To our Yoga Blend family here in La-La Land. You’ve taught me so much. To all of the many people I love – You know who you are! And to our little tuxedo fur child, Le Petit Henri, who spent so many long hours in the studio co-producing from the couch.

A special thank you to Michele who provided the beautiful music for our song, “My Mother’s Eyes”. And thank you for singing it with me. The Bagelman Sisters ride again!

Finally, I have to express my undying love and deepest gratitude to my soul mate and genius musical guru, Honey Hands Munson. To Art, My Heart. (It pays to sleep with your producer!!!).

“All of the shadow and all of the light/All that is wrong and all that is right/All of this I give to you. /All of me loves all of you – I do!”

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