• Christmas, Loss, and Frosty

    It’s January 1st. Time to strike the Christmas set. Time to strip the house of all of our little gee-gaws and doo-dads — the reindeer mugs, the Christmas Tree candles, the holiday tablecloth, the Christmas cards from our near-and-dear who are scattered hither and yon all over the world. Finally, it is time to take


    Most every Christmas — okay, *every* Christmas, so far — I have been stressed out and overwhelmed. Every Christmas I vow not to do it. Every Christmas, I do. Oh, I start out with the best of intentions. I make a detailed list, not only for gifts, but also for cards. I study the catalogs


    TAKING DOWN THE TREE or THE TREE IS DEAD – LONG LIVE THE TREE! Today is January 2nd. At last, the holidays, which began some five to nine weeks ago, are over (depending on whether you started counting on Halloween or Thanksgiving). This is our traditional day for taking down the Christmas tree. It is


    PEACE It is December 26th. There is a hush over our house. My husband is asleep, and our cat, Henry, is curled up at the foot of the bed. I have just made a brief tour of the wreckage that was Christmas Day, 2004. There are bits of raffia scattered all over the kitchen counter


    Dear Friends, I am posting the lyric to one of my songs which I think is in keeping with the season. It was inspired by a comment made by Norman Rockwell towards the end of his life. He was responding to the criticism of his work as being unrealistic and too idyllic. (I paraphrased his


    A WORD ABOUT THE HOLIDAYS (ANOTHER ONE) I just got off the phone with my sister. We were comparing notes about our progress with the holiday madness. Both of us have been having the same experience. We have a list. We are organized. We go down our gift lift methodically. We buy a thoughtful gift


    HO-HO-HO-HUM Dear Readers, This is a gentle reminder that, especially at this hectic time of the year, it is vitally important for all of us to be well rested and not to overextend ourselves. Like I did yesterday. For those of you who may have been reading my posts for a couple of months, you


    It is one day past Thanksgiving. We have the traditional Day-After-Thanksgiving food hangover. Our refrigerator is now stocked with enough to provide a small Russian army for the rest of a long winter campaign. We are fat and sassy and not too ambitious. I’d very much like to hibernate for the rest of the weekend,


    JINGLE BELLS Well – Ho, ho, ho! It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I’m already doing my holiday shopping. I love the holidays. I actually enjoy the hustle-bustle, the anticipation, making a list and checking it twice, losing it, and making a new list and checking it twice. . .Forgetting the list when I go