• Glen Campbell – Some Early Stories

    The first time I remember seeing Glen was when I was playing with Dick Dale at a high school prom and Glen was the opening act. All I could think was who was this guy? Amazing singing and guitar playing. This had to be around 1961-62. The first time I met Glen was at the

  • Dick Dale and Will Ferrell.

    What do Dick Dale and Will Ferrell have in common? Well bear with me and I will enlighten you! I ran across some old pictures the other day and it reminded me of a bit of trivia that some of you might find interesting. BTW my meanderings have no chronological order – it’s just how

  • Dick Dale, surf guitar and me

    Check out the this video. Yep that’s me in the center, goofy smile and all. An exciting group to watch huh? Still wish I had that Strat for the price they are going for today! I was in the Marine Corps stationed at the Air Facility in Santa Ana CA. Being from Connecticut I soon