• Glen Campbell – Some Early Stories

    The first time I remember seeing Glen was when I was playing with Dick Dale at a high school prom and Glen was the opening act. All I could think was who was this guy? Amazing singing and guitar playing. This had to be around 1961-62. The first time I met Glen was at the

  • Darlene Love And The Blossoms – What I Remember

    I believe I first heard of the Blossoms when they appeared on Dick Dale’s “King Of The Surf Guitar” (I was lucky enough to be on that session playing guitar next to Glen Campbell but that’s another story). I’m not sure if the girls were at the date but I soon learned that they were

  • Dick Dale and Will Ferrell.

    What do Dick Dale and Will Ferrell have in common? Well bear with me and I will enlighten you! I ran across some old pictures the other day and it reminded me of a bit of trivia that some of you might find interesting. BTW my meanderings have no chronological order – it’s just how

  • Dick Dale, surf guitar and me

    Check out the this video. Yep that’s me in the center, goofy smile and all. An exciting group to watch huh? Still wish I had that Strat for the price they are going for today! I was in the Marine Corps stationed at the Air Facility in Santa Ana CA. Being from Connecticut I soon