HOPE AND CERTAINTY On my first day as a freshman at Boston University, I received a phone call from my sister. She had called to say that our beloved Uncle Irv, who had lived next door to us all our lives, had suddenly died. He was jogging in the park, and he suddenly collapsed and


    A MIRACLE Yesterday the citizens of Iraq had their first free election in decades. Watching the footage on television, I was awestruck by the courage of these people. With the reality of suicide bombers in some cases, just around the corner, with the sound of gunfire as a constant background noise, with the tense, tight


    WE CAN HOPE I am saying a prayer for the people of Iraq today. Tomorrow is their election, and the violence has been escalating for a long time. Last night on the news, a reporter interviewed an elderly Iraqi man who said that he would vote tomorrow “if the weather is good”. The reporter explained


    I SPEAK AMERICAN Last night we were out with friends, and somewhere along the way, I found myself telling part of the story of my immigrant grandparents and how they happened to come to this country. I don’t know what was running through our friends’ minds at the time, but I found myself compelled to


    TAKING DOWN THE TREE or THE TREE IS DEAD – LONG LIVE THE TREE! Today is January 2nd. At last, the holidays, which began some five to nine weeks ago, are over (depending on whether you started counting on Halloween or Thanksgiving). This is our traditional day for taking down the Christmas tree. It is


    They (yes, the infamous “they”) say that every seven years all the cells in our bodies are replaced. In other words, every seven years we get a new body. Think about that. Every organ, every muscle, our lungs, our heart, our brain – everything is constantly turning over. What appears to be permanent (at least