• And On The Same Day

    AND ON THE SAME DAY! They sat on the bench at the bus stop under a cloudless azure sky, each staring straight ahead at the small, neat little building across the road which looked like a Methodist church that had been converted to some other purpose, possibly a private home. The bulletin board in the


    WHAT IS NEWS? It never fails to astound me when I contemplate the “newsworthy” events of the day. Yesterday, Art and I were driving somewhere with our radio tuned to a talk news station. They were going into lengthy detail about Michael Jackson’s stay at a local hospital for the flu. They even went so


    LIVING IN THE LIGHT Last night we had dinner with some friends. Although we would like to see them more often, the opportunity is rare, so the four of us usually wind up talking for several hours while our wait-person twiddles her thumbs and wonders whatever we could be talking about. Oh – Not much.