THE OPPOSITE OF WAR A couple of days ago Art and I were watching one of the many news reports about relief efforts in the areas affected by the tsunamis. There was a young man on the screen, a marine who had been a warrior in Iraq earlier, and now was involved in the gigantic


    PEACE It is December 26th. There is a hush over our house. My husband is asleep, and our cat, Henry, is curled up at the foot of the bed. I have just made a brief tour of the wreckage that was Christmas Day, 2004. There are bits of raffia scattered all over the kitchen counter


    Dear Friends, I am posting the lyric to one of my songs which I think is in keeping with the season. It was inspired by a comment made by Norman Rockwell towards the end of his life. He was responding to the criticism of his work as being unrealistic and too idyllic. (I paraphrased his