It was a miracle, plain and simple. The whole world held their breath Tuesday night as the election returns came in, state by state. First, McCain won West Virginia, Obama won Vermont. McCain got Tennessee and Texas, too. Texas was a very large red blob on the TV map. Lots and lots of red down


    A MIRACLE Yesterday the citizens of Iraq had their first free election in decades. Watching the footage on television, I was awestruck by the courage of these people. With the reality of suicide bombers in some cases, just around the corner, with the sound of gunfire as a constant background noise, with the tense, tight

  • THEY SAY. . .

    THEY SAY. . Have you ever wondered who “they” are? You know – that invisible collection of experts out there who seem to have such a stranglehold on every aspect of our lives. Consider: They say . . .there’s gonna be rain this weekend. They say. . . you can never go home again. They


    LIVING IN THE LIGHT Last night we had dinner with some friends. Although we would like to see them more often, the opportunity is rare, so the four of us usually wind up talking for several hours while our wait-person twiddles her thumbs and wonders whatever we could be talking about. Oh – Not much.