Back when Art proposed to me (well, when he asked whether I thought we ought to get married), I was happy with the prospect of our new life together, but I had no idea what to expect in terms of his family, which was about to become *my* family. I had already had the experience

  • Crimes Of Passion

    Play or download here. Abusive relationships, sadly, exist everywhere. Love can turn into something very different given the toxic recipe of passion, insecurity, and rage. The victim in this song fights back in the only way she can, with her words, and ultimately, by walking away. Although the subject matter itself may not be uplifting,


    LET’S HEAR IT FOR SILENT ARGUMENTS I had a silent argument with my husband today. What is that? Well, it goes something like this: He does or says something that evokes an emotional response in me. I get angry. But instead of lashing out the way I would have twenty or thirty years ago, I


    In exactly twenty-four hours Art and I will be at the airport. At about this time I will swallow my little white pill, which will help me to get through the rest of the day. My hands and feet will probably be a little clammy. (They usually warm up when the pill kicks in). But