• The View From Here

    This album was written over the course of ten years. In that time I have lost both my parents and have had two bouts with cancer. In addition, I found out I have a paralyzed vocal cord. So in that time, there have been seismic shifts, not only in the way that my voice responds

  • Searching For a Miracle

    A few days ago, our neighbor generously shared a magazine with us which I have never seen before. I don’t remember the name, but you know — it’s one of those magazines about spirituality, unity and healing with lots of ads for Whole Foods and organic cotton yoga wear — well, you get the picture.

  • Home

    A few days ago a reporter asked John McCain an odd question. He asked, “Mr. McCain, how many homes do you own?”. It sounds like a very simple question. McCain stammered and replied, “I’ll have to have my staff get back to you on that”. Huh? How can anyone be confused about how many homes


    FEEDING THE KITTY This morning I got myself to yoga class. I have a hard time with making time for yoga (and anything else that might be deemed “self-improvement”). When I make my mental list of priorities, I have a tendency to put such activities at the bottom of the list. And then, too, I