Ok – My Turn

I’d never thought much about writing a blog mainly because I’ve never liked typing that much and I don’t consider myself a writer. A couple of weeks ago I was talking to an old friend, Artie Wayne and he really got me fired up. Not only to write a blog but to redo this web site, something I had been thinking about for awhile. Artie got me thinking about stories I may have when working with people like John Lennon, Barbara Streisand and Billy Joel. So now I have to plumb the “little grey cells” to see what I actually do remember. Should be an interesting journey! Stay tuned…

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  1. nino Tempo

    Hey you two, glad to see you’re up n’ running. Good luck with the new website. I’ll be gone for about 2 weeks but after that , let’s get together. Love to you both. Nino

  2. Sheri Caroll

    I am excited to hear about these stories Art

  3. Art …I can’t wait til you start writing, I know it’s gonna’ be great!

    Regards, Artie

  4. admin

    Thanks Artie. One of these days!

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