• A Moment of Reflection

    A Moment of Reflection It is September 11th, the third anniversary of the tragedy that took place at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in a field in Pennsylvania. I don’t know what is the best way to honor the memories of the fallen of 9/11. If I had been among those lost, here

  • Loss

    LOSS The hardest thing in the world to understand is loss. What does it mean when we lose something? Where does it go? Let’s start with weight. I mean, if you lose five pounds, where do those five pounds actually go? Okay, the scientific among us will say something witty like, “They are converted into

  • Fear Of Flying

    FEAR OF FLYING I wasn’t afraid of flying as a child. I can remember our family flying from Pittsburgh to New York City when I was no more than eight years old, so that was back in the days when stewardesses wore little hats and gave out tiny pairs of wings to the kids for

  • The Warranty

    One of my favorite crackpot theories is the theory of the Warranty. This one came to me in a flash about five years ago. Here’s the theory: When we are born we are like new cars; shiny, perfect, unblemished, and full of promise. Apart from the occasional childhood illness (measles, mumps, stomach virus), most of

  • Ant Wars

    ANT WARS It all began on a beautiful day in May. I had fed our kitties outside in their “kitty room”, a sort of makeshift shelter consisting mostly of white lattice work wood and a fiberglass roof attached to the side porch of our house. The kitties have a pet door that leads them out

  • Labor Day Reflections

    LABOR DAY REFLECTIONS I sometimes think I was born in the wrong century. Domestic bliss comes naturally to me. Career (at least with a Capital C) does not. I just got done making my second batch of preserves for the season. Peach. The first batch was strawberry. I’ve never made preserves before, except once with

  • Creativity

    Creativity I will preface all of this with a disclaimer so that I can stop saying, “I think. . .”. This is based only on my own experience, so it may or may not hold true for you. In fact, please refer to this disclaimer from now on whatever I write so that you and

  • Politics

    I’ve been watching the presidential race for a long time now. It has probably sent my blood pressure up ten points and caused my digestion to run amok. I am a shameless liberal Democrat. Matter of fact, I’m proud of it. So you can imagine that when the Republican National Convention was on last week,

  • Misfits Welcome

    MISFITS WELCOME Growing up a small, pale, Jewish girl in Pittsburgh in the 50s, I was the odd one. For one thing, I had very curly, frizzy hair. No matter how hard I tried to tame it down with barrettes, bobby pins, rubber bands, and goop, the bangs still flipped up, the curls went in